Agent Agreement Rcic

289-348-0422 | 1-877-836-7543 (free) Fax: 1-877-315-9868 Email: All information and documents required by the C CRN and all other governing bodies and used in the preparation of the application will not be disclosed to third parties without prior consent, except to agents and employees, unless required by law. CNA, along with all CNA representatives and staff, are also required to comply with the confidentiality requirements of section 8 of the Code of Ethics. A link to a complaint to the CCCRC is as follows: This agreement can be executed in the form of a single document with two signatures or two individual documents (counter-parts) and manually transmitted to the address or by email or fax. For this purpose or for the provision of other information provided in this agreement, the address, email address or fax number of each party to be used is indicated as indicated in the post-notification of part of the other party. Unless otherwise and in writing, any customer who signs the attached letter and delivers to us is bound by this retainer contract, regardless of the fact that other intentional customers have not done so. If the client and bPI fail to reach a reciprocal agreement, the client may contact ICCRC: If there is an irregularity in the performance of this contract. B, for example, no date in your approval or one or more pages of this calendar that are not initialized by you, this irregularity will not invalidate it. CONSIDERING that the client and Canada AG Immigration – Citizenship Services wish to enter into a formal agreement containing the agreed terms under which Canada AG AG Immigration and Citizenship`s “CIC” provides services to the client. In the event that the Customer, after the signing of the agreement and payment, does not wish to continue the scope of the services found under the retainer contract, the customer must inform BPI in writing of the decision not to proceed. From the date the notification was received, BPI can refund the customer`s undeserved money (for which no invoice has yet been issued).