Brockport Housing Agreement

If you are taking a temporary university vacation or transfer, the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities verifies your registration status for the spring semester. If you are enrolled in teaching, we will assign you to your own apartments and charge your student bill accordingly. The gendered accommodations are designed to create an environment that welcomes all gender identities and is not limited to traditional gender girls (men and women). We recognize that same-sex space allocations are not ideal or suitable for all students. Students who enrol in these fields may have roommates and suites regardless of their gender identity and/or expression. We are able to offer a limited number of gender-inclusive housing in most communities. The accommodation contract is valid for the entire academic year (August-May). If you abandon your mission without consulting the Office of Residential Life, you can let all your housing costs expire (August – May), resulting in a 0% refund. Behavioural injuries: If you are removed from the campus building as a result of a behavioural penalty, you may allow the rest of your housing costs to expire for the lifetime. Returning students: The reimbursement of the housing allowance must be requested in writing before 31.07.20 to Unlocking this Agreement is permitted only in special and/or exceptional circumstances approved by the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities. Permission is granted subject to further verification if proof of one of the following circumstances is provided (and the corresponding documents are provided): NOTE: If you do not accept this application, your student status will require compliance with the residency policy.

Other housing systems, including the rental requirement, are not considered sufficient grounds for approval. If you sign a lease or other agreement for off-campus apartments and have not been exempt from your housing contract, you pay rent on two sites. If your original application is rejected, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision. All complaints must be filed in writing at and within 7 business days of the decision letter. If you wish to appeal your decision, new documents must be filed with the letter of claim. This will match your initial paperwork. All complaints are reviewed by the Director of Living or Learning Communities or their agent. The housing contract is mandatory for an entire academic year (similar to a lease) behavioural offences: if you are removed from campus residence due to a behavioural penalty, you may have the rest of your room fees expired for the duration of your life. Room reimbursement fees are calculated after the week of occupancy on the basis of the base as follows: If the request is related to breathing, please also include the following: .