Stevenage Borough Council Tenancy Agreement

Your rental terms define your rights and obligations as a tenant and our obligations as a landlord. These lease conditions are part of your rental agreement. At the end of the lease, if there is damage to the property, then the owner will retain all means of the system. There is therefore an impact on the tenant and they must respect the conditions and keep the house safe. Even if rent arrears are due, the landlord is also protected against this. This is what encourages them to leave the individual. If you have a low income or don`t have a job, you may be able to benefit from a housing allowance or a universal cost of credit to help you pay the rent. These benefits are paid late. Make sure you ask the landlord or landlord if they accept tenants who receive benefits before paying fees or signing agreements as not all landlords do. Your rental agreement and lease conditions set out legal obligations, rights and duties for you and those who live in or visit your home. It also lists the services you are entitled to in return for the rent you pay.

The program benefits both potential tenants and Stevenage owners. People looking for housing will naturally benefit from housing and landlords will benefit from the program by having a tenant in their otherwise empty property who can afford the rental fee. Another advantage is that the tenant will benefit from ongoing rental assistance from the Council, which deals with the challenges it faces. When implemented, the program will prioritize people at risk of homelessness, people in distress, rough sleepers and the homeless. The Council will review many criteria, including all past challenges faced by individuals and whether they have lived independently in the past. People with debt arrears may also not be eligible. When searching, you need to decide what type of property you need and can afford to pay a monthly rent and how much down payment you have to pay at the beginning of the lease. Stevenage Borough Council`s housing specialists must inspect the chosen private home, which is affordable and is the size of the household.

If the accommodation meets the safety and safety standards of the Council officer, a meeting is agreed in the accommodation for the signing of the tenancy agreement. Only after the terms of the loan are agreed upon by the Commission and these funds can be used in advance for insurance or rental costs due. People who currently have a lease but are late can use the system to pay a deposit to relocate to a new home. There is also help for the homeless or those in need, and they can receive help with moving and moving into a new private apartment. Your rental agreement is a legal contract between you and us and informs you of all the rules relating to life in your property.