A Licensing Agreement With Mutual Exchange Of Patents Is Known As Mcq

The sale of products to a foreign country directly through its distribution agreements or through the company of a host country is a direct export. Explanation: When a country sells its goods and services directly in another country, i.e. without the participation of another country or a third country between trade, it is called direct export. When goods are exported with the participation of another country, it is called an indirect export. The right option is A. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established in 1945 with the aim of establishing a sound and orderly monetary system throughout the world. The objective was to facilitate a system of international payments and to deal with the adjustment of exchange rates between national currencies. It is one of three international institutions – the other two are the World Bank and the International Trade Organization – that were established to facilitate and monitor global economic development. 13. A patent application must be filed with the competent Patent Office.

The local jurisdiction of the Patent Office with respect to a patent application is decided on the basis of one of the following indications: Indicate for reasons whether the following statements are true or false. 100% subsidiaries mean the creation of a jointly owned company by two or more independent companies. 100% subsidiaries mean the creation of a jointly owned company by two or more independent companies – False declaration: a 100% subsidiary does not cooperate with another company. A 100% subsidiary is a subsidiary over which the parent company has full control. It results either from a 100% investment in the equity of an existing company, or from the creation of a new company abroad. MIGA represents the multinational investment guarantee agency. It was established in April 1988 to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) in the world`s least developed countries. This agency aims to insure investors against various political and non-commercial risks, offer advisory services, etc.

It also complements the work of IDA and IBRD, which aims to reduce poverty in different countries around the world. International activities concern trade in goods and services and the exchange of capital, technology, skills and patents across national borders. It covers all trade and manufacturing activities that take place beyond national borders. The international activity consists of: i. trade in material raw materials ii. Trade in intangible goods iii. Allow a foreign company to manufacture and sell goods using the logos and trademarks of the domestic company, for a fee (license and franchising) iv. Invest outside a country for the purpose of obtaining returns (foreign investments) from the state for reasons if the following statements are true or false. When the trader in one country buys the goods from the trader in another country, it is called export trade. The export order consists of a proform invoice which is an offer from the exporter indicating its intention to sell. Explanatory note: Proforma invoice is a document issued by an exporter that contains information on goods or services to be sold to the importer within a specified period of time. .

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