Definition For Affiliation Agreement

(d) Intellectual Property Rights – Simply put, this clause gives the Affiliate a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use/access/market the other party`s product. These rights exist as long as the contract is valid. If it is established that the Affiliate can modify, modify or manipulate the intellectual property in question, it may be held liable subject to the conditions agreed in the contract. To understand the term “affiliate agreement”, it is important to know the meaning of the term “affiliate”. In secular terms, an “affiliate” is a person, entity, organization or even a site, which is a business entity and has a contractual relationship with another, but larger, entity, or group, entity or organization. If there is an agreement between an advertiser and a related company (usually a publisher or website), the agreement must include a clause relating to the “content of the Affiliate`s website”. This clause should mention what is and is not acceptable content on an affiliate site. By signing the Affiliate Agreement, the Affiliate has confirmed that it will abide by the Company`s policies and market/publish the Company`s product/brand mentioned in the Agreement. As the agreement is a “quid pro quo”, the Affiliate receives in return commissions/incentives for each recommendation/sale from him. Before entering into an “Affiliate” agreement, there are some important points that the parties should watch out for in order to avoid ambiguity. The key elements of an affiliation agreement are as follows: An affiliation agreement is an agreement between two parties that defines the conditions between the two parties that define and govern the affiliation relationship. The affiliate agreement defines the obligations of both parties, including the duration of the agreement, the terms of payment and the commissions to be paid to the Affiliate based on sales or traffic on a website, etc. The affiliation contract must not be solely for commercial purposes.

For example, an affiliation agreement may be concluded between institutions, universities, non-profit organizations to promote academic or research activities. The final agreement defines the relationship between the parties in which the Affiliate acknowledges that he understands and encourages the policies of the company/institution. Sometimes an affiliate agreement is called an affiliate program agreement….