Residential Tenancy Agreement Section 87

The manager may advance the amount of the registration fee to be paid by that person to any person wishing to execute an order referred to in paragraph 1; and if the Director General advances such an advance, the amount of the advance shall be required of the other party as a debt to the Crown. the loan must not be deposited with the manager and paragraphs 19 to 22D do not apply; and the court may convict a person on the ground that the person committed an unlawful act, when the conduct that was part of that act was also part of an offence or alleged offence against Article 109A(4), for which the person was charged, convicted or acquitted. began on 1 December 1996 and before 1 January 2008 (the date on which the Property Law Act came into force in 2007) and is one that applies to section 5 (ba).